Contractor Evolution

Contractor Evolution

7 Episodes

This is Contractor Evolution. Where we unpack the systems, tactics, and skills you need to take your fast-growing contracting business to the next level.

If you’re here to learn what it takes to scale up, work less, and increase profitability, you’ve come to the right place.

Stay tuned to learn what separates the new breed of contractor from the old school, and welcome to your ultimate guide on the business of contracting.

Contractor Evolution
  • Make More and Work Less By Focusing On 1 System

    Episode 1

    If you're running a successful contracting business, then why are you working 70-hours a week?

    Contracting entrepreneur Ryan Steward was working 70 hours a week, seven days a week. He was stretched so thin that he had little to no time left over for his wife and kids. Fast forward five years and...

  • A Proven Method To Build A High Performance Culture

    Episode 2

    With a diverse workforce ranging from field workers to office staff, is it possible to have a company culture in contracting where your entire team is on the same page?

    Nestor Tarango runs a multi-million-dollar solar energy company. He has successfully onboarded more than 150 people over the pa...

  • Little Known Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Partnership

    Episode 3

    Is your contracting business partner pissing you off? With 50% of business partnerships failing in the first 2-3 years, how do you ensure you don't become another statistic (or punch their lights out)?

    Early on 505-Junk founders Scott Foran and Barry Hartman had a MAJOR blowout and realized that...

  • How This Drywall Millionaire Took 26 Weeks Off While His Business Grew

    Episode 4

    Graeme Bouvier is a 27-year-old drywall entrepreneur who runs a $7-million business and takes 24 weeks off a year. He is living every contractors’ dream. His journey to get here wasn’t easy, however.

    Can you run a multi-million dollar contracting business and take six months off a year? That's c...

  • Ex Athletes The Best Recruiting Pool For Your Contracting Business

    Episode 5

    When it comes to recruiting, how do you avoid hiring a dud?

    Every contracting leader has a story about the time they recruited someone who turned out to be a waste of space (and money); no-one has time for that, especially in the fast-paced world of contracting.

    In this episode of Contractor Ev...

  • Nail Your Employee Onboarding And You'll Retain Your Rockstars

    Episode 6

    From hiring newbie to onboarding master, how to achieve overnight success with contracting entrepreneur Curt Janzen

    Curt Janzen, director of Beyond Foam Insulation, reveals his secrets to building an onboarding system that guarantees success.

    This contracting entrepreneur not only smashed the b...

  • Become A Master Implementer, Step Out Of The Day-To-Day

    Episode 7

    How do you turn a one-man mowing business into a $1.5 million landscaping company? Just ask Jason Hoke, owner of A Cut Above Landscape in Colorado.

    When he took over the business, he was sleeping on a friend's sofa to make ends meet and spending 24/7 onsite or in the office. “I was more like an ...