• Tools & Storage

    Noah’s interior painting tools, storage, and organizational system. From how it fits in his van to the color-coded tools and totes.

    Van organization: 00:46​
    Load In/Out: 03:46​
    Prep: 06:22​
    Wall Repair: 09:14​
    Application: 12:13​
    Disposables Inventory: 16:22

  • Surface Protection

    David Michaels from Imhoff Painting discusses the importance of surface protection.

  • Trade Best Practice Series

    15 videos

  • Cedar & Ipe Deck Restoration

    A brief overview of chemically stripping, neutralizing, and staining a cedar and ipe deck.

  • Exterior Deck Restoration

    2 videos

    In this two-part series, Noah Kantor demonstrates his process for chemically stripping, brightening exterior wood, finish sanding, and oiling on a Tigerwood deck.

  • Stripping & Brightening Exterior Wood

    An overview of Noah Kantor's chemically stripping & brightening process to restore exterior wood. Timestamps below for different phases are included below if you want to skip ahead.

    Prep - 00:36​
    Stripping - 09:51​
    If it didn't work - 17:49​
    Brightening - 19:56

  • Finish Sanding & Oiling

    Here is a follow up to the Chemically Stripping & Brightening Exterior Wood video. This shows the finish sanding and oiling process.

  • How to Fix Spray Drips & Sags

    Here's how Noah fixed some paint sags in between his first and second spray coat.

  • Historic Stairwell Restoration

    2 videos

    In this 2-part series, Noah walks us through prep to finish on a historic, 200 year-old stairwell.