Elite Business Advice Podcast

Elite Business Advice Podcast

3 Episodes

Join Chris Moore of Elite Business Advisors and his weekly guests as they discuss topics relevant to small business owners.

Elite Business Advice Podcast
  • Creating the Right Culture

    Episode 1

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to recruit, train, and retain the right employees? In today’s episode, Josh Douglas with Workhappy will go through some key points on how to grow your company with the right people and keep them for the long haul. Josh provides a unique perspective after worki...

  • Leverage Relationships and Networks

    Episode 2

    Mark Warren has built his home inspection business solely through referrals, networking and repeat business. In this episode he shares his philosophy on why he chose this organic growth method while providing some actionable tips you can apply in your business and life immediately!

  • Preparing for a Mortgage or Refinance

    Episode 3

    If you’ve ever tried getting a mortgage as a self-employed small business owner, you know that the process is entirely different than that of an employee! In this episode, Emile Flowers with USA Mortgage will answer a lot of common questions on how they handle mortgages for small business owners ...