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Recently Added

Recently Added
  • Navigating Through the Pandemic

    Brian Sedgeley from Festool USA discusses his backstory and how he helped establish Festool as a trusted brand in the U.S. He also talks about how the company navigated the pandemic.

  • The Standard

    Nick takes viewer questions and discusses a variety of topics, including the standards that he has set in his company.

  • Bringing Humanity to the Business

    Faith from Oram Painting shares her incredible story of how she got into the painting industry and the hardships that she faced along the way.

  • The Basics of Wood Finishing

    Nick Slavik breaks down the basics of wood finishing, including staining and clear coating.

  • Zero to a Million

    Brandon Vaughn discusses his challenge of growing a new business from zero to a million.

  • How to Fix Spray Drips & Sags

    Here's how Noah fixed some paint sags in between his first and second spray coat.

  • Realistic Sales Goals

    Tony Kanak form Sales Evolution shares insights into setting realistic sales goals, developing sales people, and referral marketing.

  • Rise Above the Rest

    5 videos

    "Rise Above the Rest" with these sessions on leadership, sales, power partnerships, onboarding and training, and growing your business.

  • Exterior Deck Restoration

    2 videos

    In this two-part series, Noah Kantor demonstrates his process for chemically stripping, brightening exterior wood, finish sanding, and oiling on a Tigerwood deck.

  • Hard Work & Dedication

    Alejandro Sanchez from ASA Painters shares his incredible story of how he went from being homeless to owning his own paint company.

  • Historic Stairwell Restoration

    2 videos

    In this 2-part series, Noah walks us through prep to finish on a historic, 200 year-old stairwell.

  • Reaching Success Using HomeAdvisor

    Kathryn Chisholm is the Account Manager, Strategic Partnerships for the corporate PCA team. Kathryn focuses on creating strategic plans across the PCA network, optimizing lead volume for pros, and training the network on best practices. She has been in Account Management for three years and has b...