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  • Grow Your Painting Business NOW

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  • Behr Pro on the Job

    10 videos

    Behr Pro, catches up with business owners to see how their professional-grade products work for them in the field.

  • Restoration Basics of a Historic Home

    Nick Slavik discusses his process of restoring the exterior of historic homes.

  • Building a Leadership Team

    Jason Phillips talks about the importance of developing your leadership team.

  • Cedar & Ipe Deck Restoration

    A brief overview of chemically stripping, neutralizing, and staining a cedar and ipe deck.

  • My Path to Freedom

    After a brief stint in the corporate world, Jason asked for only one thing in a career - happiness. He found it in entrepreneurship.

    With no formal blueprint, he often felt as if he was struggling. Through a combination of passion and dedication, he built a multi-million dollar business by deve...

  • In the Field vs. In the Shop

    Kate Schindler from Fine Grit discusses how she went from working the field to working in her own custom shop.

  • Surety Made Simple

    View and download the slide deck:

    In today’s competitive environment, bonding can be more important than ever for a subcontractor. Are you using it to your company’s advantage for business development opportunities? Learn as Surety Marketing Specialist Chad Rice pr...

  • 2021 Awards

    14 videos

  • Rise Above the Rest

    5 videos

    "Rise Above the Rest" with these sessions on leadership, sales, power partnerships, onboarding and training, and growing your business.