PaintED Show

PaintED Show

2 Seasons

Torlando Hakes connects with fellow consultants and PCA Contractors to discuss industry wide topics!

PaintED Show
  • Fears & Needs

    Episode 1

    Torlando Hakes is joined by Tom Reber of "The Contractor Fight." The conversation centers around motivating by fears and needs.

  • Profit First For Contractors

    Episode 2

    Managing cash in your business is an up and down ride. Late payments, unexpected expenses, and up and down sales all cause problems in running your business. Join Torlando in his conversation with Shawn Van Dyke, author of Profit First for Contractors as they discuss managing cash to put the focu...

  • The Leadership Flywheel

    Episode 3

    Knowing where to focus your energy as a business leader is hard with so many ideas pointing you in different locations. It's difficult to know where to focus. The Leadership Flywheel is a simple framework to help you figure out what to do next. Join Torlando in his discussion with Tim Croll on le...

  • Get Out of Your Own Way

    Episode 4

    As business owners you are busy people and you wear a lot of hats. Managing it all is more than a full-time job and to get to the next level, something has to be taken off your plate.

    In this episode of the PaintEd show we are interviewing Doug Myers of Pink Callers who is a back office expert ...

  • All About SEO

    Episode 5

    What can you do to make your leads more consistent? The answer is SEO. Tim Brown from the Hook Agency talks all things SEO. Listen and learn how you can best utilize it.

  • Quit Getting Screwed

    Episode 6

    As hard as she fought, Karalynn Cromeens could not get companies out of the poisonous, one-sided subcontract they had signed. She hated seeing clients lose money- sometimes their entire business over language they did not understand. Seeing these situations play out day after day was the driving ...

  • Finding the Folks to do the Work

    Episode 7

    If you can't find someone that has the training, you have to provide the training. Listen as fan favorite, Danny Kerr from BTA discusses how to train people from the ground up.

  • Insider Sales Secrets

    Episode 8

    How do you get the trust of your customers to make a sale? Sales trainer and coach, Allan Langer gives us the secrets to making a sale.

  • The Complexity of Business

    Episode 9

    How do you navigate the challenges that you face as your business grows? What are those challenges? Nicole Cline discusses that and more.

  • Having a Plan of Attack

    Episode 10

    Annie Newton talks running large projects, but most importantly, how to come out profitable on the other side.

  • Realistic Sales Goals

    Episode 11

    Tony Kanak form Sales Evolution shares insights into setting realistic sales goals, developing sales people, and referral marketing.

  • Zero to a Million

    Episode 12

    Brandon Vaughn discusses his challenge of growing a new business from zero to a million.

  • The Power of Good Photography

    Episode 13

    Join the discussion with two professional photographers about the importance of using photography during the production process in addition to the finished work.

  • Building a Leadership Team

    Episode 14

    Jason Phillips talks about the importance of developing your leadership team.

  • The Future of Work

    Episode 15

    Torlando speaks with Sean and Brad from PPG. Listen as they talk about the future of work, virtual estimating, and alternative business models.

  • Creativity in Marketing

    Episode 17

    Torlando and Amir Frank from Matterport talk about differentiation through creative use of virtual tour technology.

  • The Power of the Drone

    Episode 17

    Torlando speaks with Jacob Lewis about how to use drone videos to attract bigger jobs and set yourself apart from the competition.